Total Fat | 2g,
Saturated Fat | 0,
Trans Fat | 0,
Cholesterol | 0mg,
Sodium | 30mg,
Total Carbohydrates | 62g,
Dietary Fiber | 0,
Sugar | 0,

Go Earth Organic

Organic Dew Beans (Moth Beans)

  • Moth beans are high in fibre and protein, tiny in size and have a wonderful deep nutty flavour. Moth Beans are added to an Indian food dish called Matki chi usal (moth bean curry). These beans are dry and require pressure cooking before consumption.
  • This product is Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free, wheat free, Dairy free
  • Allergy Advice: This product does not contain nuts, however it is prepared in a factory that handles nuts and therefore may contain traces.

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