Organic Split Brown Chickpeas (Chana Dal)




Organic Chana Dal are brown chickpeas that have been split and skinned/polished. They have the same earthy nutty flavour as brown chickpeas. Brown Chickpeas are also called bengal gram, Kala chana in Hindi. Chana Dal grown on farms in India is 100% Pure – All Natural, No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives.  As it contains no cholesterol and very little fat, Chana Dal is a healthy addition to those seeking a high-protein and fibre diet. A small, sweet bean good for soups, salads and rice dishes. Perfect for the Indian dish known as Chana Dal, a great recipe which we love for this is by Madhur Jaffrey.  Or visit our recipes section for more wonderful ideas.
  • This product is Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free, wheat free, Dairy free
  • This product does not contain nuts , however it is prepared in a factory that handles nuts and therefore may contain traces.
  • Soil Association Registered for UK market.
  • USDA certified
  • EU Certified
  • Why choose organic?

  • Organic means working with nature. It means higher levels of animal welfare and lower levels of pesticides. No manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers. Furthermore environmentally sustainable management of the land and natural environment, which subsequently means more wildlife.
  • Whatever you’re buying – from cotton buds to carrots – when you choose organic food, drink or beauty and textiles, you choose products that promote a better world.
  • Organic food comes from trusted sources. All accredited farms and food companies are inspected at least once a year and the standards for organic food are laid down in European law.

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