Korma Curry Cook Box


Korma Curry Cook Box

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  • Curry kit- this comes with everything you need to make this wonderful dish (please note the chicken is not included, we’re still testing the safest and freshest way to send chicken).


  • Korma, although technically not from India, is an adaptation of the Korma dish originating from Pakistan.


  • Korma is one of the most popular British Indian dishes in the UK, rivalling the nations favourite, fish and chips. So we have come up with a recipe that will get you cooking Korma like a pro!


  • We personally test all of the recipes ourselves and put them through their paces by sending them to our team of taste testers before making them public. We want to ensure that the recipes are firstly right, that they are simple to follow and most of all taste wonderful no matter your cooking ability.


  • This Korma kit comes with all of the ingredients required which are pre-measured so all you need to do is follow the instructions. Some of the items are fresh and will require refrigeration, but don’t worry as these are all labelled for you!


  • The Korma recipe does require the following equipment:


  • • Large saucepan
  • • Wooden spoon/ stirring spoon
  • • Cooking oil – Vegetable oil is best however other oils such as olive oil, rapeseed oil will work fine- we wouldn’t recommend any spray oils as they are a bit too thin to roast certain spices or to conquer certain parts of the recipes- if you get stuck with this just give us a shout we would be happy to advise.
  • • Salt – To taste. Don’t worry to much about the type.
  • • Grater – If you don’t have one then just use a knife to chop finely.
  • • Camera – Make sure you take pictures of your cooking! We love to see when our products spark creativity and love to see end results too! Remember to tag us @indianmart and also use the hashtag #myindianfood