Paneer paratha

Paneer Paratha

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4 Serves
45 mins
Mildly Spicy

Wheat based flat bread stuffed with cottage cheese/ Indian cheese and spices. A yummy side dish or snack with a curry.


For the dough – Add salt to the wheat flour, combine, slowly add water and oil to form a soft dough. Cover with a slightly moist kitchen towel or paper towel and let it rest for 15 – 20 mts.
For the stuffing – Crumble the paneer and add the remaining ingredients numbered 5 to 12. Taste-check for salt and spices. Your stuffing is ready.
Roll the dough to equal-sized balls.
Next dip an atta ball into dry whole wheat flour, flatten slightly and roll to form a small circle. Place the paneer stuffing in the center and gather all the corners of the dough and pinch them to the center. Press it down gently to flatten and flip to the other side.
Dust the working surface with some dry atta flour and roll out the stuffed dough. Dust flour when needed. Do not apply too much pressure as the stuffing might come out.
Heat a tawa and once its hot, place a paratha and let it cook for 15 – 20 secs. Flip the paratha and let it cook for a few more seconds. Once light brown spots appear, drizzle some oil or ghee and roast to a golden brown shade on both sides. Use a spatula to press the puffed areas as the paratha gets roasted. Repeat with the remaining parathas. Serve hot with any curry of your choice or yogurt, chutney and pickle.


2 cups
2 tbsp
As required
As required
1/2 tbsp
1 tbsp
1/2 tbsp
3 tbsp
1/2 tbsp
1/2 tbsp
To serve
To serve

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