Interactive Dining – Here’s Why Food is the Fuel of Social Interaction

Interactive Dining – Here’s Why Food is the Fuel of Social Interaction

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Food is an essential part of our lives. It’s fuel for our body, giving us the energy to walk, talk, run and work. Yet, it’s so much more than that.

Food plays a huge part in social interaction.

It feels like every day we’re watching cookery shows, buying recipe books from celebrity chefs, reading food blogs, and visiting new and exciting restaurants. So, needless to say, we want to bring this passion into our own homes and share it with family and friends too.

Think of all the different social occasions there are – a first date, birthdays, weddings, graduations, Christmas, Thanksgiving – just to name a few!

What unites all these social occasions?  

Answer: Food plays an integral part in each.


Sharing the food we make with our loved ones increases our connection with them.

Food can say so much more than a conversation alone. It’s an icebreaker which allows you to get to know people better, and even impress them!

Imagine someone you care for has been unwell. What better way of showing them you care than by cooking them their favourite meal?

Or perhaps you’re angling for a new promotion? What could seal the deal better than inviting your boss over for dinner to show them you’re not just great in the office…you make magic in the kitchen too!

Food is also a beautiful way of making up. If you’ve argued at home and want to make amends, whipping up a delicious meal for your beloved is the perfect way of saying; “sorry, I love you.”

Final Thoughts

Whatever your reasons for sharing food and flavour with others, it certainly gives you the chance to communicate in a way words can’t do on their own.

And if you are looking for inspiration for cooking, we have loads of recipes to choose from. Check out here.

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