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Cooking Indian Food
BY: Indian Mart
Aug 29, 2018

Cooking Indian Food

  • There is no time like the present to begin cooking Indian food. Amazing flavours, radiant colours and delicious aromas.
  • Many people think cooking Indian food is time consuming, difficult and well, where do you begin? lists of ingredients, names that we have never heard of and techniques that sound something like… well actually nothing we have heard before.
  • Well you lovely budding Indian food enthusiasts; I am here to tell you; despite the stigma it’s not actually that difficult. Indian food is among the leading cuisines in the world. With every state, city and home having its own recipes for thousands of dishes, you can see how it becomes overwhelming!
  • Many Indian dishes actually use a similar combination of spices and techniques. There maybe approx 15 ingredients on your list but you will find that when they are lined up in front of you adding them and using them in your cooking is not actually so daunting.
  • Cooking with these ingredients becomes fun, it becomes therapeutic. Experiencing the aromas and flavours of  fresh brings such a sense of achievement especially when you taste your creations.

Healthy and Diverse

  • Contrary to popular belief, when cooking Indian food it’s not just about the curry, chillies and oil. There is probably no other cuisine in the world that includes as many healthy and diverse vegetables and spices. However, Indian cuisine is not just for vegetarians. If the worldwide popularity of Butter Chicken, Thai Green Curry, Vindaloo and Fish Amritsari is anything to go by, Indian’s know a thing or two about pleasing the non-vegetarian palate also.
  • Meat is a staple in many an Indian dish and provides a texture and flavour that compliments the blends of ingredients.
  • However, in many regions across India veganism & vegetarian diets are maintained due to cultural and health beliefs. Their are many variations of the vegetarian diets across the globe with the likes of ‘Jainism’ practised.

An Art Form

In India, cooking is considered an art form and mothers usually begin teaching their daughters from an early age. Passing down authentic family recipes through generations by show-and-tell. In most Indian homes, food is always being cooked, eaten and planned. Meals almost always include several dishes, desserts and a staple or two such as rice and Chapatis. Over the course of history,  invaders of the country have passed through India and left their stamp behind on its cuisine. Aryan, Persian, Arab, British and Portuguese to name just a few. The results are foods that are so delicious, they change traditional Indian cuisine and give it a twist.    

Demystifying Indian Cuisine

With all its diversity, it’s ironic that when Indian food comes to mind, most people instantly think of ‘curry’. This is perhaps the greatest understatement in modern cuisine, as ‘curry’ does not even touch the surface of the amazing variety that is to be had in Indian food.

Glossary of Cooking Terms and Ingredients

With so many languages and each region having its own food specialties, the list of terms used can be quite exhaustive! They can also be confusing for a novice who’s just starting to learn how to cook Indian food. Most people struggle to differentiate an achaar from a biryani, or even chai from an idli. Over the coming months we will be updating glossaries, adding to information pages and so much more! So keep reading our blogs and staying up to date with IndianMart to not only learn how to cook Indian food with us, but to also learn the culinary history of Indian cuisine.  
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Cooking Indian Food