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BY: Indian Mart
Sep 20, 2018
  • Out of date… out of date… dry… mouldy…
  • Rummaging through the pantry to find the chilli powder, the turmeric and other spices that you bought a year ago and have only used half and the ginger that went mouldy and fell to the bottom ends of the earth in the fridge.
  • We understand that many a modern household use Indian ingredients in moderation and therefore the large packets from the supermarkets or the local Indian shop are on occasion wasted.
  • We are working hard with our suppliers to bring to you easy access ingredients- great for on a budget or great for those who don’t cook with these staple ingredients every day. We will be working directly with some of your favourite recipes to ensure the ingredients we supply fit your cooking purpose.
  • The idea initially came from Ash our Director, having studied at university away from home, the craving for Indian food began to hit, access to ingredients then came at a price which was inaffordable. Ash’s mum Mauli, began to send care packages to him splitting up ingredients and guiding Ash to create the dishes she so lovingly cooked in their family home. Portioning the ingredients meant for Ash it was easy to store and also just enough to do those beloved Indian meals when the cravings kicked in.
  • Many spices have a long expiry; however as time goes on they do lose their power, the aromas will dampen and therefor their flavours will be restricted- keeping your spices in pots is best to keep them air tight and pungent for as long as possible.
  • Most Indian household kitchens are filled with jars, pots and other containers holding arrays of spices and dried ingredients- the pantry smells amazing that’s for sure- but not all of us have this space. So lets set aside a little space for our small sachets- they will be here soon!
  • Stay tuned for our mini ranges and in the mean time checkout the beautiful spice tins we have on sale- hand ground and made with love by The Spice Kitchen.
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