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Keep calm and enjoy Indian Cooking
BY: Indian Mart
Sep 20, 2018

Indian Cooking at its finest- Authentic and wondrous flavours to excite your taste buds.

  • We want to share our passion and craze for all things Indian food and Indian Cooking.
  • Over the coming months we will be sharing Indian cooking tips, uses for Indian Ingredients and dishes you may have never heard of. We will share interviews, and posts challenging the stigmas of Indian foods. And finally, sharing with you our wonderful travel stories, recipes, product launches and so much more.
  • To begin with we thought it best to introduce ourselves- so Ash take it away!
  • Ash Shah

  • CEO & health guru

  • “Whilst at University, in Bristol I truly found my passion for cooking. I started to miss home-made Indian food and it was difficult to get the right quality of spices and ingredients on my student budget. My mum cottoned onto this and began sending me care packages of ingredients and handwritten recipes. Within the packages were step by step guides; which she then took further by sending videos of cooking the recipes too. Many describe me as a bit of a health fanatic, and its mostly true. I love nutritious food, and as a result I often spend my free time researching the latest products. Subsequently The office team here regularly tease me about this when I bring them in. I guess some of them don’t always look that appetising. With the aim to bring passion back to Indian food for so many. We want to show our IndianMart community the treasures beyond the local Indian takeaway, as a result, bringing the excitement and fun back into home cooking.”
  • Mauli Shah

  • Founder & home cook wonder

  • “I grew up in the city of Ahmedabad a Gujarat state in India. I came to the UK after my marriage in 1990. Growing up I kept a diary of recipes written by me, from my mum, family and friends who are all amazing cooks. Once settled in the UK I started to follow the recipes, but I always found difficulties with sourcing the ingredients as they weren’t always available or of a very good quality. Consequently, I began travelling to collect ingredients and that’s where the idea of IndianMart really began. My favourite food is North Indian food and Mexican food which have very similar base ingredients like onions, tomatoes, coriander and spices…Now cooking is my meditation time, after long busy days I can lose myself in the preparing of ingredients. Stirring and adding colourful spices, making my own homemade fresh dishes and feeding my wonderful family.”
  • Rosie Lloyd

  • Operations & creative genius

  • “Well its certain that I didn’t know a lot about authentic Indian Ingredients nor Indian cooking before I joined the team but working with Ash & Mauli has been such an incredible learning experience. I grew up in a family who love food but since trying Mauli’s dishes I have learned and tasted such incredible things! My part in all of this is out and out creativity and pulling wonderful ideas into reality. I have grown a great passion for our work, our products our staff and customer community. Providing and offering to educate and inspire all things Indian food & culture- helping to bring people together.”
  • Ash, Mauli & Rosie will be sharing their stories with us over the coming months- giving you behind the scenes access along with some great stories and tips to help you on your way. Visit the recipes page for some great Indian food delights and browse the market for beautiful quality ingredients.
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