What’s Food Fusion? Why You Should Get On Board with This Cooking Trend

What’s Food Fusion? Why You Should Get On Board with This Cooking Trend

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For those unsure what ‘food fusion’ actually is, it is a new cooking trend combining two (or more) different culinary traditions or techniques to create one single dish. You may have heard of these ‘fusion’ dishes described as Anglo-Indian cuisine. In most cases, they pretty much mean the same thing. So, don’t let that confuse you.

Over the years food fusion has become increasingly popular. And, that’s no surprise, some of these mash-ups are gorgeous!

Some of these recipes date back near-on a century ago where British wives learned a thing or two from Indian chefs- which is how kedgeree came to be. This tasty dish is one of the most famous examples of food fusion in the UK.

The same is true of mango chutney, which is mostly created using traditional jam making techniques. And, as you probably already know, mango chutney is delicious smothered on a warm poppadom.

Fusion foods do wonders for people that want to find their own taste in international cuisines. And, it is not hard to achieve this goal.

Ready to Make Your Own Food Fusion?

If you fancy dabbling in food fusion at home, we have a few tips for you:

  • Smother your hands in olive oil before handling spices like turmeric; this helps to prevent your hands staining.
  • Periodically, taste your dishes and add spices as needed. It would be best if you gradually peppered your recipes with flavouring. After all, you can’t take it away once it is in the pot
  • If possible, purchase ingredients from speciality brands rather than heading to your local supermarket. There’s a good chance the herbs and spices will be fresher and therefore tastier.

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to be adventurous with your cooking. Have some fun! Some of the best dishes are created by accident. Note down your recipes as you craft them so that you can make them again at a later date.

And, feel free to come your success and failure stories with us.

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