Jammu & Kashmir

Chalo Kashmir
Widely labeled as “heaven on earth”, Jammu & Kashmir is India’s northermost state. Lush green gardens, calm and serene lakes with stunning landscapes and snow clad mountains cements its reputation as paradise on earth. Cuisine is essentially meat based with generous servings of rice. Kashmiri food is mild in taste and rich in flavor with high use of hot spices like cardamom, fennel, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and saffron.

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Himachal Pradesh

Unforgettable Himachal

With dizzying snowclad peaks and plunging river valleys, beautiful Himachal dazzles in all its glory. Known for its adventure sports, Himachal is frequented by travellers and adventure junkies alike. Himachali or Pahari cuisine has a unique aroma and flavour due to the usage of yoghurt and cardamom. Gravies are thick and rich in nature with aromatic spices serving as essential ingredients.

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India begins Here

Punjab is the homeland of India’s Sikh population. Blessed by the mighty Himalayan rivers Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Jhelum and Chenab, Punjab is India’s agricultural capital. Punjabi cuisine is known for its rich, buttery flavours along with the extensive vegetarian and meat dishes such as Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken and Sarson Da Saag.

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Uttar Pradesh

Amazing Heritage, Grand Experiences

India’s most quintessential state, Uttar Pradesh is the land of sacred rivers and vast plains, natural beauty and sumptuous cuisine. Mughlai and Awadhi are two famous sub-types of cuisine of the state. The cuisine consists of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes of different varieties.

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Exploring Uttarakhand

Uttrakhand- also known as “Dev Bhoomi” The land of the gods, is a state in Northern India crossed by the daunting and picturesque Himalayas. Known for its spectacular pilgrimage sites, Uttrakhand is one of the most visited states. Known for its simple, yet delicious cuisine, dishes like Kafuli, Baadi are famous amongst locals.

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The Royal State of India

Rajasthan has a sense of royalty in everything it is associated with massive forts, stunning palaces, to diverse cultures, delectable cuisines and warm people. Rajasthanis love their food and it is evident in their preparations. Dal Bati Churma and Laal Maas are the most famous dishes from the state.

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A pioneer in highway tours

Haryana is a North Indian state Bordering India’s national capital – Delhi on three sides. This vibrant state possesses diverse landscapes, magnificent archeology and diverse art forms. Haryanvi cuisine is just like the people in Haryana – simple and inevitably linked to the land. Butter and Ghee is widely consumed.

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