Cooking with Kids – a Fun Way to Develop Communication Skills

Cooking with Kids – a Fun Way to Develop Communication Skills

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Cooking does not just serve the purpose of nutritional fulfilment.

For instance, when taken to a level of a joyful activity, cooking with kids can help them develop communication skills. Let’s look further into it.

Recipe Following as a Reading Exercise

If your little ones can read, encourage them to read aloud the recipe you’re following.

As they read through each of the steps, gather the necessary ingredients and equipment.

This process works wonders for helping kids learn the importance of sequencing, which is essential for communication, as well as the reading exercise in the first place.

You should also use plenty of adjectives while you’re cooking together. Be sure to describe the entire process. For example- simmer, pop, crisp, crackle, etc. Again, this encourages kids to use new words in their vocabulary.

Cooking is Fun in General

Yes, when we get home from a long day at work, sometimes we can’t be bothered to cook a delicious meal from scratch.

At that point in time, cooking seems like anything but ‘fun’.  

However, when you schedule a time to cook with your kids, so that it’s unrushed and relaxed, the experience is far more enjoyable. There’s something special about the whole family sharing a meal that everyone has cooked together.

For this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone, you’ll need to plan ahead.

It’s also not a good idea to attempt a kids cooking session if you need to eat in a hurry- this is a recipe for disaster (yes, pun intended!)

You and your kids will have far more fun if you allow them full control of the kitchen (within reason). Don’t get cross about the mess they make- instead, gently remind them they’ll have to help you clear up afterwards too.

Perhaps you could extend the fun by making a game out of the chores? The possibilities are endless.

Final Thoughts

Does that sound good?

Great! Start sifting through recipes you and your kids can cook together and set some time aside. Trust us; you won’t regret it!

To get ideas for what to cook with your kids, check our recipe boxes today.

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