Share the Love with Couples Cooking: 3 Benefits You Need to Know

Share the Love with Couples Cooking: 3 Benefits You Need to Know

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It is true what they say: the kitchen really is the heart of the home.

So, it only seems apt that couples should cook together every once in a while. After all, preparing your favourite food with your ‘significant other’ is great for building a stronger bond.

Let’s explore this in greater detail…  

1. The Research Speaks for Itself

You do not have to take our word for it; there is plenty of research to back this theory up.

A study conducted by Calphalon and Light Speed GMI surveyed 1,000 American adults on the importance of cooking in relationships. Amazingly, as many as 87% said they thought cooking was one of the best activities couples could participate in order to cement their relationship.

One of the reasons for this is associative emotions.

For example, taste is one of the most evocative senses. When we eat and savour our food, it can bring back beautiful memories. So, by cooking a tasty treat with your loved one, you are laying the foundations for you and your partner to reminisce about a fabulous experience you shared together.

2. Communication

In the same research presented above, the majority of people surveyed also believed communication was essential for a healthy relationship.

This is another reason why cooking as a couple is such a good idea.

After all, cooking as a pair encourages conversation. Whereas, other date nights involving TV and movies do the complete opposite.

3. Spread the Love

Last but not least, cooking for your partner is a beautiful way to communicate how much you appreciate and value your partner.

It is far more personal and meaningful to cook someone dinner than to purchase their favourite takeaway. Again, the statistics speak for themselves.

As many as 92% of respondents said cooking a home cooked meal with your partner helps you connect as a couple.


And, if you need ideas to cook as a couple, please check our recipes here.


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